We are a nonprofit striving to bring quality healthcare within reach for under privileged.

Our Philosophy

Medicine is a blessing to a mankind; Technology is the greatest equaliser. So together, MedTech has potential to create a world which will be more equal, inclusive, healthy and productive.

Mobile Healthcare is an offspring of this philosophy.

Our Work

Health Within Reach foundation is recalibrating conventional mobile health van model into Tech enabled Mobile Healthcare Polyclinics with MBBS doctor and/or Dentist onboard with Telemedicine infrastructure.

These Polyclinics would serve as virtual hospitals where onsite medical team will be able to technologically collaborate with super specialists in cities.

Onsite medical team (MBBS doctor & Dentist) would take care of routine OPDs; diagnostic services like ECG, basic blood investigations and procedures like root canal in the van.

Impact at a glance

  • Ensuring right to Healthcare for underprivileged
  • Return on Investment (ROI):- estimated at $1:$30 based on prevention services provided and ED visits avoided (Oriol et al BMC Central 2009).
  • Saving for National Economy:- Timely diagnosis and treatment at doorstep will enhance productivity of workforce in terms of better wellbeing, less absenteeism due to illness.
  • Addressing healthcare infrastructure deficit:- Creation of durable healthcare infrastructure for local communities is vital for developing country like India.
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